What Is Casino Credit?

What Is Casino Credit?
A casino credit line allows you to carry less cash while gambling and reduces the risk
of theft or loss. Basically, it’s an interest-free loan that you can use for as long as
you pay it back in a set amount of time (which can vary). The casino will ask for your
name and address trusted online casno SIngapore, social security number and date of birth to establish a line of
credit. It may also require a bank account or other information that helps ensure you
can repay the money you owe.

The Best Way to Get and Use Casino Credit
Casinos aren’t in the business of lending money out for free, so they must carefully
evaluate each application to determine if you’re a good candidate for a marker.
Many casinos use Central Credit, an industry service established in 1956 that’s now
owned by Global Cash Access (formerly Everi). Central Credit pulls a consumer
report using the standard credit reporting agencies—Trans Union and Equifax—to
help a casino decide how much to extend to you as a marker.
Typically, the more you gamble with a casino mark, the higher your credit limit.
Generally speaking, you must be an active player at the casino for at least one year
to keep your credit line open. If you don’t visit the casino for more than a few
months, the casino will call you to make sure you’re still playing and may close your
If you lose a lot of money on casino credit, you’ll be required to redeem it within a
certain period of time or the casino will submit it to your bank for payment. The
exact rules on this vary from casino to casino, but most are willing to reach
reasonable solutions with their patrons who are in non-payment situations.

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The biggest reason for this is that they’re concerned about big whales who win lots
of money and then pay it all back—and potentially leave with a huge sum in their
pocket. But it’s also a way to show potential customers that the casino believes they
have the financial means and willingness to sustain some losses, and that their
gaming activity isn’t an out-of-control habit.
Some casinos have their own private databases, but most share their data via
Central Credit (except in the case of the aforementioned big whales). Casinos get
irritated if you draw a marker at Bellagio and then go to Caesars; that’s known as
“walking with a marker.” If you don’t gamble at the casino from whom you took the
marker, they’ll quickly contact you to cancel your line of credit. In Nevada, this can
result in a bad check charge, which is fraud and a crime. Ultimately, it’s in
everyone’s best interests to use casino credit responsibly and avoid this kind of
trouble. This is especially true for players who frequently use casino credit in other
states or countries. In those instances, they’ll be subject to a variety of laws and
regulations that differ from state to state.

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